Homeowners listing their home during the fall season will want to welcome buyers with the warmth and comfort that the season brings. From updating decor to changing aromas, updating your home for a fall sale may place your home in the “Just Sold” list that’s usually hot this season, as well. Here are some decorating tips for selling your home in the fall.


1. Update vignettes. Trade out your summer flowers, seashells, and tropical candles for a simplistic fall grouping like a ceramic vase full of fall flora, a wooden bowl of faux fall fruit, and a wine bottle with amber glasses ready for two. Popular autumn flowers include chrysanthemums (mums) and marigolds.


2. Tap into the power of plush. Add comfort to your home by using throw pillows and plush throws in bedrooms and living areas. Layering beds with soft fabrics, hanging plush towels in the bathroom, and lining your dining room table with a silky tablecloth, can help usher in the sense of warmth and comfort as well.


3. Warm up walls. Fresh paint can change any room, but the particular colors of fall--caramel and cream, for instance—beckon, “Come in, enjoy.” In addition, pops of color in furnishings and accessories can add intrigue to rooms.


4. Show good sense with fall scents. Some of the most pleasing aromas of all seasons are experienced in the fall. Think pumpkin, apple, cinnamon. Using candles or a simmering pot of apple cider invite buyers to feel at home as the warm scents of fall lead them throughout the house. HGTV suggests leaving some fresh mulled cider for your buyers next to a guest book near an entryway.


5. Let there be light. While the fall season brings wonderful colors and cooler nights, the earlier night fall limits the amount of light during peak showing times. Add light to your rooms by placing accent lamps throughout your home and keep them on for the home tour. In addition, a well-placed mirror can serve both to accent a room and create the illusion of more light


6. Note the ambiance. Often overlooked when preparing a home for sale is music. Playing soft sounds or mood music can add to a buyer’s experience when touring your home. Elizabeth Weintraub, broker-associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, CA, offers, “When I think of autumn music, beyond ‘See You in September’ and ‘California Dreamin', polka music and accordions come to mind . . . [also] Enya's "The First of Autumn" or George Winston's new age piano album "Autumn."


7. Curb the appeal. While Mother Nature does plenty to color the outdoors, you can do your part with keeping it clean and adding some personal touches to the outside of your home. Raking, pruning, and patching are important during the fall season as well as keeping gutters, downspouts, siding, windows, and screens clear and clean.


8. Finish your porch with a fall touch. Megan Morris, founder and CEO of MHM Professional Staging, LLC in Orlando, recommends using some of the following for an outdoor porch design: pumpkins, rustic wreath, lights, welcome mat, cornstalks, bench or wagon with accent pillows in fall colors and patterns or filled with hay, pumpkins, gourds, and/or flowers.


As with staging a home for sale in any season, less is more, so be intentional with colors, shapes, and textures. Take advantage of the pops of color and variations in textures available in fall décor and make this the season for your home to sell. 


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